The Presiding Officer

The Presiding Officer, supported by two Deputy Presiding Officers, chairs the proceedings in the parliamentary chamber, the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and the Parliamentary Bureau. The Presiding Officer also represents the Scottish Parliament at home and abroad.

Ken Macintosh MSP

The Presiding Officer

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The Presiding Officer with Deputy Presiding Officers Christine Grahame (left) and Linda Fabiani (right)

The Deputy Presiding Officers

The Presiding Officer is supported in their duties by two Deputy Presiding Officers.

Garden Lobby roof

Representing the Parliament at home and abroad

Image galleries showing the Presiding Officer representing the Parliament in Scotland and across the world.

MSP Building windows

Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB)

The Corporate Body is responsible for ensuring that the Parliament is provided with the property, staff and services it requires.

Launch of Commission report

Commission on Parliamentary Reform

In October 2016, the independent Commission on Parliamentary Reform was established by the Presiding Officer to look at how the Scottish Parliament could engage better with the people of Scotland & how its work could be improved to deliver better scrutiny

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