The Lobbying Register Team

The Lobbying Register Team has been set up to develop and implement a new lobbying register following the enactment of the Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016.

The main aims of the Team are to:

  • Introduce an online lobbying register and supporting website.
  • Develop clear and easily interpretable policy, guidance and information on the operation of the register, for use by parliamentarians, senior officials, individuals and organisations which engage in regulated lobbying.
  • Promote use of the new register to all internal and external stakeholders by effective use of personal contact, public information, campaigning and social media.
  • Once live, maintain and monitor the new register, supporting existing and new users.
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory duties related to the register. 

Find out more about the Act and the Lobbying Register.



Scotland's Lobbying Register - Familiarisation Phase 

From 23 October 2017, the Lobbying Register has been made available for familiarisation purposes for a four month period.  The Act is not yet in force and only test data is included in this version of the register. We encourage you to practice registering and creating mock information returns but please be aware that these mock information returns will be open to public search.  The Lobbying Register is available for familiarisation at: www.lobbying.scot


Latest News 


Twitter Account


The Lobbying Register Team now has a Twitter account. Please follow @SP_LobbyingScot for more information and details of the work being undertaken as we move towards the commencement of the Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 on 12 March 2018.



About the Lobbying Register

Find out about the Lobbying Register

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Keep up with the latest developments of the Lobbying Register through our news pages.

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Lobbying Register Working Group

Find out more about the Working Group which has been set up provide further information and assistance, as the Act moves towards full implementation early next year.

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