The Chamber

Business in the Debating Chamber usually takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and from 11.40am on Thursdays.  All debates and other business are shown live - and are available to view afterwards at Parliament.TV.

Chamber from above

What happens in the Chamber

The Chamber is the focal point for the Scottish Parliament’s business. It is where Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) meet to debate topical issues and decide on new laws.

A view of the Chamber from the public gallery

Journal of the Scottish Parliament

The Journal is the authoritative record of Parliamentary proceedings in the Chamber. It includes the minutes of proceedings, and notices of bills, statutory instruments, other documents, and committee reports.

Chamber from rear

Minutes of Chamber Proceedings

The Minutes of Proceedings formally record all items of business taken and the results of any decisions, divisions and elections held.

Get Involved

Find out how you can attend Parliament debates. See our Visiting The Parliament section.

How to Attend

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are produced by information specialists with the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).  They provide factual information about parliamentary business.

Fact Sheets